Alyssa Szatny Tattoos

My name is Alyssa Szatny. I’m an artist at The Abyss Fine Art and Tattoo Studio, located in Long Beach, New York, and I’ve been tattooing for two years. All that inspires my art is also what inspires me in life. I’m a lover of animals, antiques, and all things dusty! People have always interested me from historical figures, to fictional characters and family members. I love learning the personal journeys of the lives that have been lived and the respect that demands. Another important influence to my work was my upbringing. I spent every day with my grandparents from the time I was four years old until now. My grandmother keeps records of everything, and is extremely organized. My grandpa was a World War Two veteran and outdoorsman. Their house to me was my personal museum and treasure trove. I couldn't get enough of it. My grandpa taught me how to fish and respect nature and all living things. My grandma educated me about antiques and family history; sometimes soap operas which I didn't really care for, but I tried. This time in my life, my childhood; that's where this all came from. I try to bring all of the love I have for these things to my passion for tattooing.

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