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Ronda xanthos

My 9th grade teacher asked if I’d join a community art show. I was late, all the paintings were up framed & hanging… My paintings were on board smudged with fingerprints! Hysterical crying, I begged my Dad to take me home! He told me, “I’ll put it up and say it’s mine”! Embarrassed, I wandered around until the end. I saw my Dad, a big tuff tattooed marine crying, “your name was announced, you won”!! I didn’t hear my name called! That day, thanks to my Dad, made me realize I had the talent to be a “real” artist. While pursuing a BFA at FIT for Illustration I saw a card on the job board, artist wanted at Temptu, a temporary tattoo Co., It was meant for me; all my art had tattoos in it! I designed & painted on temporary tattoos for movies & photoshoots. I set up tattoo booths at fairs and bars! I loved it and wanted to do ‘real” tattoos and began tattooing in 92’! a few years later I took a painting class in Florence Italy and worked throughout Europe. I learned so much working alongside so many great artists. I became versatile in many styles! I went back to NYC where I’ve had the honor to tattoo many celebrities & musicians! I feel a spiritual connection with clients and design each tattoo, big or small, with the same attention and care to make it fit & move to accent the body! I love to fix tattoos & covering up old ones. I am lucky to find such an amazing shop at The Abyss Art Studio right here in my hometown of Long Beach!